Sweet Field Leather


In the early 1970’s, unrepentant hippies John Powers and Sam Lynah opened one of the first retail enterprises Savannah’s River Street. The moniker for the shop was lifted from a tiny local chapel known as the Sweetfields of Eden First Afro-American Baptist Church and Pinpoint Community. Potential signage costs resulted in a slight abbreviation of the name.

Sweetfield Leather soon gained a national reputation as an unrivalled purveyor of functional and artistic leather projects of every description. Belts, bags, sandals and even bullwhips adorned the shelves. Ultimately, the fates and rising rentals signaled the end of that era.  But thanks to the Interweb, everything old is new again. John is back with a vengeance with the new millennium version of Sweetfield. Fortunately, the same adjectives still apply: highly creative, fashion forward, durable, unique and 100% guaranteed.